Brandywine Coach Works Auto Body Repair Process Steps

Step 1


A Brandywine Coach Works licensed appraiser starts by inspecting the damaged area and writing a preliminary estimate.  During this step the appraiser checks for any visible damages, however their maybe hidden damages that may be found during the Blueprinting process.   If your vehicle is safe to drive, we will schedule the repairs for our first availability that is convenient for you.  Customer safety is very important, if we feel your vehicle is unsafe to drive we will arrange for a rental car or additional transportation.  If your insurance company has already provided you with an estimate, Brandywine Coach Works will honor that estimate.

Step 2

Drop Off

We make the drop off process short and sweet!  A few signatures on a repair authorization form and just hand us your keys and you are on your way!  Each location has Enterprise Rent-A-Car located onsite.  If you are in need of a rental vehicle, our customer service representative will set up your reservation in advance and your rental will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Step 3

Pre Wash

Your vehicle will now go into our Prewash Department to be cleaned on the outside to insure we capture all damages related to the accident.

Step 4


During the Blueprinting phase your vehicle is assigned to a team consisting of a technician and a repair process manager.  The technician will disassembly the damaged area on your vehicle, checking for any damaged parts that may be related to the accident.  At this point, a full and accurate estimate is written detailing everything needed in order to repair the damaged area back to pre-accident condition.  If there is anything additional added to the initial estimate, the repair process manager will contact both the customer and the insurance company to go over the full repair.  Additional authorization from the insurance company is verified at this time by our Repair Process Manager.  After approval from the insurance company, all parts are ordered at the same time to ensure efficiency.

Step 5

Body Repair

Once the parts arrive, a technician will begin the body work on the damaged area, replacing any broken parts and fixing any parts that can be repaired.  Our technicians are educated on the latest manufacturer standards, ensuring a safe and complete repair. We are certified by several manufacturers which ensure our technicians are up to date on the latest vehicle technology and we are confident the collision repairs to your vehicle will be done properly and safely.

Step 6


Now that the body work has been completed, your vehicle will be prepped for our paint department.  Once the vehicle is prepped, our paint technician will paint your vehicle and blend any adjacent panels, insuring a perfect color match!  Brandywine Coach Works uses an environmentally friendly, water-based paint which is baked on the vehicle in a state-of-the-art Down Draft Paint Booths.

Step 7


After your vehicle and necessary parts have been painted your vehicle will move into our reassembly department.  Here a technician puts the vehicle back together and verifies all repairs have been completed.

Step 8


Once the vehicle is completed it is sent to our detail department where the vehicle will be cleaned inside and out.  You will might not even recognize it when it is done!

Last Step

Quality Check

Finally, our Repair Process Manager does a final quality check, making sure the vehicle is back to its pre-accident condition.  Once the repair process manager puts his/her final stamp of approval on the vehicle, the customer is notified that the repairs are complete!

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